The Ethics of $50,000 Monthly Advisory Roles

This impeachment season is quite a ride, isn’t it?! Donald Trump has massively crossed the line by pressuring foreign heads of state to dig up dirt on his political rivals. It’s a scandal to top the daily dose of inappropriate behavior we’ve come to expect. This one looks like it might stick.

I’m here to talk about the other corruption in the room. The 100% legal, grifting influencing kind. What did Hunter Biden actually do for Burisma Holdings in exchange for the $50,000/mo they reportedly gave him? Details are scarce. Vox tells us, “It is unclear what he did for the company. Burisma said at the time that Biden — a lawyer — would be “in charge of” a legal unit. However, Hunter contradicted this account to the New York Times in May 2019, stating, “At no time was I in charge of the company’s legal affairs.”

Hunter Biden’s role with Burisma was ostensibly “as a consultant with expertise in dealing with multinational regulations.” But it seems pretty obvious that his last name was a strong point in favor of his being hired. While that’s not illegal, it certainly doesn’t benefit our democracy. The fact that family members of prominent politicians can legally garner big paychecks based on their access puts our governing leaders at risk of influence. Continue reading “The Ethics of $50,000 Monthly Advisory Roles”