Solopreneurs: Who Is Your Ideal Customer?


Yes, any customer is a good customer. But some will spend more, buy more profitable products, be less of a hassle. If all your customers were those kind of customers, your business would be in a healthier, happier place, right? Customer targeting simply means moving from  ‘who likes my stuff?’ to ‘who do I like selling my stuff to the best?’

Knowing the answer to that question can help you design products and packages that appeal to your target customer, thereby attracting the customers that make your business most successful. Continue reading “Solopreneurs: Who Is Your Ideal Customer?”

How do you build a just economy?

Murals in Malmo Sweden. Image credit Maria Eklind, Flickr Creative Commons

If President Trump is good for anything, it’s controlling the news cycle. Every day brings a new disaster to mull and worry about, and that’s how he likes it. The White House news cycle has largely replaced television in my life. Press banned from the briefing room, military on the border to meet asylum seekers, Ivanka’s emails. Real life is worse than some of the most farfetched plot lines a Hollywood writer could think up.

It’s strange that the economy is booming. I look at the stock market, the trade war with China, the threats to our European allies and the continued march of climate change impacts. What’s the economic impact of the Bay Area’s workers clearing out for over a week at a time to avoid noxious air? Something has got to give. Perhaps the recent lowered trading of tech stocks  is the harbinger of more to come. Continue reading “How do you build a just economy?”

Successful Cause Selling


The sacred wall between non-profit entities, which exist to do good, and businesses, which exist to make money, continues to erode. Companies realize the bottom line business benefits of cause marketing, and non-profits realize the bottom line benefits of strategic sales and marketing to bolster their coffers.

So I found myself at The Cause Conference last week in San Diego, at a breakout session titled Eight Steps to Successful Cause Selling, hosted by Katie Adams Farrell, whose firm KAF Catalyst provides grant writing services and other financial support for not profits. Quite simply, she slayed. Her tips for non-profit fundraising are plenty useful for development professionals, but they are also perfectly transferrable to anyone who is looking to close deals — no matter the organizational structure. Here we go: Continue reading “Successful Cause Selling”

Building an Inclusive Economy

President Trump has been bragging about the economy lately:

And yet. Wages are flat and the income gap is widening. According to Bloomberg:

Median household income, adjusted for inflation, rose 1.8 percent last year to $61,372, from $60,309 in 2016, according to annual data on income and poverty from the Census Bureau on Wednesday. The level roughly matches highs in 1999 and 2007 when accounting for changes to the survey, according to the bureau, though it’s the smallest gain in three years.

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