In Support of Carbon Fee + Dividend

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I had my first letter to the editor published in the San Diego Union Tribune! It was easy and fun.

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San Diego Union Tribune caps submissions at 150 words which makes it fast to bang these out so I’ll definitely do this again. That’s way shorter than most emails I send.

The Carbon Dividend Act, AKA HR 7173 is a bipartisan revenue neutral bill to reduce carbon emissions by taxing them at the source. The goal of a pejorative tax like this is to reduce the instances of bad things we don’t want (carbon in the atmosphere) by making them more expensive. The price of carbon intensive things goes up, making the cost of renewable and energy efficient alternatives relatively cheaper. While a carbon tax would likely increase prices at the pump, all the revenue collected would get sent back to the people in the form of a rebate check.

The fee would begin at $15 in 2019 with increases by $10 each year.

Citizens Climate Lobby (CCL) got me to submit the LTE, so Kudos to them for making it easy and fun.

I’ll admit I was hesitant about bothering to produce an LTE. We know all (most) of the Democrats will support climate legislation of some kind if it can ever get to the floor. So I thought it was better to focus on electing Democrats to office. But Carl Yaeckel, a volunteer with our local chapter of CCL, reminded me that climate very rarely makes it to the top of even Democratic priorities. Indeed, jobs, healthcare and holding President Trump accountable are also extremely important.

The goal of CCL’s efforts to place LTEs in local papers is to remind our legislators — the very ones that represent us and who should care what we think — that climate issues need to be a high priority among their policy pursuits.

Want to get involved? Click here to find a local chapter. 

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