Anti-Social Media?

Ten years ago social media was a panacea for small businesses. Any home crafter or independent baker could set up shop on Facebook or Twitter (or Instagram, once it was founded in 2010), accrue followers, engage them and convert them to paying customers. For free. All it took was a smart phone and a knack for writing in 140 characters or less.

Times have changed. Twitter is full of bots, Russians used Facebook to tip the election, and you can’t even post a link to your products on Instagram. Don’t get me wrong, these services are still great tools if you have a knack for them and find them fun. For the average small business owner, however, they can be a massive time suck and at the end of the day, they are better for branding and brand recognition than actual sales conversions. The market is just saturated.

That’s why we at B Targeted recommend a more personalized approach. Rather than spitting tweets and ‘grams out into the ether and hoping for the best, we flip the model. We start with you. WHO are your ideal customers? Where are they? How can we reach them? What personalized message will resonate in all the noise they certainly also face on social media and in their inboxes.

I’ve spent the last 15 years deep in the world of news and social media for sustainable business. It was a great time. We learned a ton at and hopefully helped our readers learn a lot too, about the business case for sustainability and how principals of sustainability can help make businesses better.

Contact to set up a free consultation call. Even if we don’t end up doing business together, you’ll leave inspired with new ideas for scaling and reaching new customers and I’ll have a new friend! Win win.

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